BPG-215 ALAMI's Hamper

BPG-215  ALAMI's Hamper

BPG-215 ALAMI's Hamper
$100 (with GST $107.00)

•Connoisseurs ALAMI Kopi Luwak hand picked Premium Boutique Roasted ARABICA Coffee Beans(100g)
•Stainless Steel Coffee Hand Grinder
•SHEARS Premium Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate(50g)
•SHEARS Premium Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate(200g)

**Alami coffee grows in the west java mountain slopes at 1400m above sea level. Showered by the dense mist of the rainforest. Only the best arabica berries are chosen and consumed by the civet cats. The beans are rinsed in mountain spring waters, sun dried and carefully hand picked. Boutique roasting in small quantities to ensure finest quality.